Bogey in the snow

Answering an ad in the Roanoke Times, against my husbands wishes, I found him chained to a shed with a bucket of ice for water. Weighing 72 pounds and desperate for a way out, I knew he was coming home with me. Mike, sick in bed, was in no position to argue. We’ll find him a home I promised. Now 104 pounds, Bogey has captured our hearts and become a permanent member of our family. Loved by all our dogs and fosters that come through, we are happy to share our home with such a magnificent beast.

We lost our sweet Bogey October 2010, he will be fondly remembered and deeply missed.

Bogey and Kayla on the bedBogey and Carly sleeping

Bogey watching over the puppies

Bogey, a one of a kind boy!

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